Honestly, we weren't quite sure what to expect going into last night's Local Girl Gang's event. We stumbled upon them on Instagram several weeks ago, and saw that they occasionally host events to women business owners, shoppers, entrepreneurs, and supporters in the community to help them connect. It peeked our interest, so we decided why not head to their upcoming Westlake installment?! The event description read, "bring your yoga mat, your favorite journal, and an open heart and mind." We showed up sans yoga mat, as we aren't exactly "yogis" (thanks for letting us borrow one, Cleveland Yoga!), but did have our cute aqua journal in tow.

We showed up at the beautiful Cleveland Yoga Westlake location, and dove right into a 45 minute flow with approximately 40 other Cleveland gals. We kept up the best we could, and thoroughly enjoyed our Tangerine La Croix once it was over. Feeling....refreshed (that's how you're supposed to feel after yoga, right?), we got comfortable on our borrowed mats and listened to Katie Kurtz of Soul Connect speak about goal setting...and also jotted down some public speaking notes - you rock, girl! Again, we weren't sure what to expect from this, but were pleasantly surprised. Katie spoke about not just making goals in order to cross something off your list, but to make goals that have a deeper meaning, and that will make you feel a certain way. Whether your goal of running that marathon is intended to make you feel stronger, healthier, happier....make sure you are gaining a positive feeling from it.

We took it all to heart, and after returning our borrow mats and saying our goodbyes to the fellow lady gang members, we are totally motivated - or, as we learned, feel free to insert whatever synonym gets you excited - and are thrilled to dive deep into some serious bakery (and life!) goals. And who knows - maybe we'll even try another yoga session again!


Thanks again Cleveland Lady Gang, you'll definitely be seeing us soon!